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The Interview

Strength-based Interviewing
Lead with your strengths in your job interviews.

Interview Strategies for the Mid-career Professional
Learn how to develop strategies for your next round of interviews.

Winning Over the Screener—First Interview Strategies 
How to survive the first cut.

The Five Steps of a Strategic Job Search
Make a plan before you make tracks.

An Interview Guide for First-time Candidates
Reduce anxiety by carefully planning for your first series of job interviews.

Questions to Ask in an Interview
Make use of these tips for good questions to ask prospective employers and when to ask them.

5 Most Common Interview Questions
Prepare yourself for the five most common questions you will get in a job interview.

The Job Interview: Top Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Use these insights from a professional job search coach.

Surviving the Daylong Interview
Practical tips for one of the biggest days in your life.

Phone Interviews and Site Visits—What to Expect
Be prepared to show your best during your interviews.

Interviewing Then and Now: How Job Interviews Differ from Fellowship Interviews
Learn how interviews for permanent jobs differ from those for fellowships.


The Gender Gap in Neurology
It is real—and costly.

Contracts: What You Should Know
The fine print may not be fine with you. Take these things into consideration before you sign.

Negotiating Employment Contracts
Before you sign your next contract, use this article to learn how you should approach this process.

Exclusively for Fellows and Residents: Free Salary Calculator Tool
Consult this BEFORE you negotiate your salary.

Physician Employment Agreements Under ACOs
Learn how accountable care organizations differ in employment agreements from what you may have experienced.

Career Transitions

Ben Tolchin: One Job Seeker's Perspective on the Job Hunt
A clinical epilepsy fellow in his last year of training finds contacts and camaraderie during his job search.

A Day in the Life of a VA Neurologist: Lynn Kataria, MD
Serving those who have served.

Real World Job Search: A 12-month Timeline to Stay on Track
Residents will benefit from this countdown to a successful conclusion of a job search. 

Choosing a Practice Setting: Will You Work in a Private, Academic, or Hospital-based Setting?
Get insights you need to understand the dynamics of different workplaces.

Making a Career Transition
Consider this advice before you make big career changes.

Balancing Act: Married in Medicine
Married to your work AND your spouse? Here are some tips on keeping everything in balance.

To the Nth Degree—Three AAN Members with Multiple Professional Designations
Learn about what it takes to go above and beyond the standard credentials.

Adding Advanced Practice Providers to a Neurology Practice—Four Perspectives
Find out how adding advanced practice providers can affect your practice.

Why Are Neurologists Burned Out
Has burnout affected you? Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your patients.


The Salary Calculator Tool is an exclusive tool available to AAN Junior members.

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