AAN Gifts $50K for Members' Hurricane Relief, Will You Join Us?

Our heartfelt thoughts are with those whose lives have been affected by the devastating damage caused by the recent hurricanes in the south and southeast United States, including our AAN members in these regions and the patients they are caring for under such difficult conditions.

Please join us in making a gift* to the recovery efforts of our affected AAN members through the AAN Hurricane Relief Fund for Affected Neurology Practices at the crowdfunding website.

The AAN has given a $50,000 gift to this fund, as well as a donation to the American Red Cross.


AAN member neurology practices affected by the hurricanes and in need of aid are encouraged to fill out an online application form. For questions or assistance, please contact the AAN at

Thank you for your generosity and compassion during this very difficult time.

*Gifts are not tax deductible.  


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