A dynamic, personalized experience tailored to your unique career needs.

Personalized to Better Serve You
A highly personalized user experience—once logged in, it’s tailored to you and your unique career needs.

It's Easy to Use—on Any Device
An optimized and dynamic site that’s simple and straightforward, no matter what device you use to browse.

It Simply Makes Sense
A clean and intuitive user interface means significantly improved usability and easy-to-understand navigation.

It's Got Powerful Search Capabilities
A powerful search platform—incorporating all AAN products and services—makes finding what you need easier than ever.

It Just Plain Looks Cool
A unique design that’s fresh, relevant, and attractive.

It Works Best When You Share
The new AAN.com personalizes your experience based on the profile information you provide—and the more details you provide, the better it works for you. So, if you don’t want to miss out on the full AAN.com experience, make sure your member profile information is as up-to-date as possible.

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The new AAN.com is a powerful tool, serving up highly personalized information specific to your unique needs. Whether it’s resources geared towards your subspecialty, practice setting, or career stage, the new site is serving up what you need to succeed.

– Bert Vargas, MD, FAAN, Chair of AAN Digital Strategy Subcommittee


tips for navigating the new aan.com

what is in tools and resources?

The New AAN.com FAQ

Q: What does a logged-out user get vs. a logged-in user?
A: Two things:

  • Relevant content and tools based on a member's career stage, subspecialty, and data from NeuroTracker – all pulled from the member profile
  • Logging into the website also allows you to access some private, member-only pages and content

Q: What will it look like on my phone?
A: The new site is fully responsive and mobile friendly so it will adapt to any screen size to make your AAN.com experience seamless from one device to the next. 


Q: Why not an AAN mobile app?
A: This site will be optimized for ALL devices and, bringing all your AAN needs to your fingertips. Instructions for adding the site to your phone like an app:

  • Open AAN.com in Firefox for Android  or Safari for Apple              
  • Press the Menu button (either below the screen on some devices or at the top-right corner of the browser), then tap on Page
  • Tap Add to Home Screen
  • Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen


Q: What can I find under Tools and Resources?
A: When logged into your member profile on AAN.com, the “Tools and Resources” section will automatically display tools that may be of interest to you. The AAN has members in different job roles and career stages, so this feature helps you more easily find what you are looking for. 


Q: How can I customize the site for me?
A: Step one is making sure your AAN member profile information is up-to-date and current. This way, the site can accurately serve you content and tools that are relevant to you and your career. You can log in at any time to update your AAN member profile information. 

not finding what you’re looking for?

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